Cloud Services


Cloud Services

Given the advanced nature of some of the solutions being offered by this plan, Konnex Networks have secured funding to develop the MASP Platform as both a development framework for any type of network and for a basis for Cloud Services to run across these networks. 

MASP is to be developed to provide a development framework for use by Third Party Systems Integrators as well as for Konnex Networks’ own development staff. MASP is to operate across any network type. The Service Layer is separated from the network layer and the edge control, user management, security and authentication methods are independent of the service. Therefore, service development can be undertaken largely without consideration about the network across which it will operate. Equally, users and devices will be authorised by MASP to determine which services they can access.

Using the authentication layer of MASP, the service authentication users connecting over the network to a number of remote sources, including Active Directory. Once authenticated, the user's profile is used to provision the appropriate services on the hosted platform.  


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