For applications where high capacity internet is needed such as metropolitan networks or links between remote buildings, we can provide microwave links in the range from 10Mbps to 200Mbps between two or more locations. A microwave link is a high speed, cost effective alternative to leased lines or fibre optic cables in that it has equivalent capacity and can be rapidly deployed without having to dig up roads, car parks or parks and can be usually installed without planning permission.

A microwave link is ideally suited for:   

Konnex Networks provide a fully bespoke service for this solution, including the site surveys and project management of the installation.

 Considerations for using a Microwave Link


Microwave  links were used to extend the  Wi-Fi network in Whakatane , New  Zealand to Opotoki, some 30Km further along the coast. 2 x 2 DMR links were installed, breaking out to Wi-Fi networks at each end. The links were projected over water, which added extra complexity to the implementation due to the reflection of the sigmal. The link is now used to backhaul the Internet connections in Opotoki to the data centre in Whakatane as well as to provide Managed Networks for several organisations with sites in both locations.

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