Admaster Overview

The Multiple Access Service Platform [MASP] provides Service Providers and Systems Integrators with a wireless service platform that securely authenticates users trying to connect to a wireless network.

The MASP AdMaster programme enables advertising agencies to manage advertising slots on the “landing pages” at each MASP Wi-Fi Location. This means direct control over the advertising that end-users see when they log onto the wireless service.

The programme provides the capability to manage one or more advertising slots on the Wi-Fi landing page. These advertising slots can also be broken down into multiple advertisements of either static blocks or rotating banners. Each advertisement can be managed through the web portal.

Whilst AdMaster is provided for MASP Wi-Fi, the same system can be used on ordinary websites or other devices, such as displays or Wi-Fi enabled screens.

How it works

The MASP system controls the presentation of the initial page, (known as the “Landing Page”), that the end-user sees when they open up the wireless service.  MASP uniquely provides Service Providers with a web-based interface to control the look and feel of the landing page provided to end-users connecting to the service at any specified location.

Images and advertising banners on the Landing Page can be controlled from a central web console by site, or enterprise, administrators and can be rotated manually or according to a pre-determined schedule.

Think of the Landing Page as a number of blocks. These blocks are designed like a style sheet and some can be designated as advertising slots.


These advertising slots can be controlled by the agency from a web portal and each advertiser can be provided with their own page to manage their campaign. This can define the position on the page, the time that the advert is displayed and whether it is static or rotating. It also enables the advertiser to provide a white listed site which will be displayed when the user clicks on the link, even if the user has not paid for Wi-Fi access.

Each time the page is displayed with the advertiser’s banner, MASP counts this as an “impression” and updates the advertiser’s page. When a user clicks on the banner, a count is made of the “Clicks Through” and the advertiser’s page is again updated. A measure of the ratio of “Clicks Through” to “Impressions” is also provided.

Advertisers can therefore receive statistics on impressions or clicks through to their websites and campaigns can be localised to individual or multiple sites. The image opposite shows an example of the landing page used in The Bahamas that is managed in this way




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