WiFi Managed Service platform


Konnex Networks launches WiFi Managed Service platform

Konnex Networks today launched its new WiFi Managed Service platform, MASP. The system enables users to pay or subscribe for connection to a WiFi infrastructure and then subscribe for additional services to run across this infrastructure. Services include VoIP, Video Conferencing, Managed VPN serv ice, file sharing and off-site backup.

Range of Solutions

The MASP system provides a range of solutions for WiFi Access. It can be deployed as a standard Hotspot service, where credit card payments are accepted for Pay As You Go customers. The service can be branded seperately for each location or can provide a global solution, providing users with the ability to re-use their credentials as they roam between venues.

The service is ideally suited for Events and Conferences, where the system can not only be branded for the conference but it can display banner advertising of the event sponsors or advetisers. The banners can be rotated or changed by the organisers using web-based administration systems, which can be used to generate additional revenues for the conference. The system can also be used to communciate to delegates as they log on to their own customised portal, providing news, presentation packs and materials from the conference. Konnex Networks provide a full event and conferencing management solution, including the installation of the WiFi and Internet networks, as demonstared at the SHINE 08 Conference on the London South Bank in May 2008.

MASP is also used on a wider scale in campus environments and Metropolitan networks, Our project team have installed solutions in Amsterdam, Venice and London as well as secure military establishments. MASP can provide a subscription model for users who require regular access using the same user credentials.

Secure Access

The MASP service uses a full Radius AAA model to provide full security but it can also provide a range of user authentication options, including WPA, 802.1X, LDAP and connection to Active Directory. The system can use local or distributed models for providing user access to remote locations as they roam between venues e.g. various office locations or between campus networks.

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