Site Owners can use MASP to provide Internet access to casual users on a Pay As You Go basis ranging from just a few users up to thousands.With MASP, the Hotspot service cabe be expanded as the demand grows, We can provide equipment and services on a managed contract basis or as a revenue share option.

We provide a range of access options to make it easy to use and applicable to every type of requirement. 

Pay As You Go – typically used as a Hot Spot service where users can access the Internet by providing a suitable payment option, such as credit card and PayPal. Payment is authorised through the MASP Core Management Platform and user session is enabled. A Billing Module is also provided to support this option.

Guest Access – where enterprises or public locations require specified visitors or guests to be provided with Internet access for the duration of their visit without the need to involve IT or network support staff. Receptionists or meeting hosts are able to provide the guest with user credentials to access the system or a PIN number that the guest can use to register themselves onto the network.

Scratch Cards - used where the estate owner wants to take cash at the counter or where resellers are able to sell the Hotspot service at multiple locations. Tokens can be printed iun bulk with a range of variables, including price, shelf life and expiration date. These can be printed onto branded scratch cards and sold.  

Third Party Services - MASP is able to provide support for third party client software such as iPass. The solution provides support for the iPass Campus model and mobility solutions, enabling users to load their iPass client in any location.

Walled Garden access – This is not an authentication option but a means to by-pass it. Site owners can specify a restricted list of websites that can be accessed at a given location without the user having to be authenticated. So for example, tourists in a city centre could be linked to public information sites for the city, or events ticketing sites, without the need to pay for access

Users can pay for Internet access using their credit or debit card or their Paypal account.


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