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TNT Express Services UK & Ireland is the UK's leading business-to-business express operator delivering up to 150 million items per annum. It has the largest individual share of the national market, employs more than 10,000 people and has an extensive network of 53 strategically located express delivery depots, plus sortation hubs and National Customer Contact Centres.

TNT wished to provide visitors to its main UK Distribution Centre with Wi-Fi Internet access for the duration of their visit.

Wireless Network

TNT had an existing wireless LAN for staff in the centre. The MASP Solution from Konnex Networks provided an overlay option, whereby a second SSID was configured to be broadcast from the Access Points. This SSID was then connected via a separate VLAN to the MASP Controller, which sits between the WLAN and the Internet egress. Authentication requests are then sent over a secure tunnel to the MASP Core Management Platform and if authorised, users are then connected to the network. They may be connected onto the main egress or via a separate connection.

IT Support

No involvement from TNT’s IT Support department is required to connect visitors or guests. Once the solution has been vetted and approved, the daily operation is fully supported by Konnex Networks and its partners. On the rare occasion that Guests or visitors have a problem connecting, they are directed through to a Helpline where we are happy to assist.

The solution is provided as a Managed Service. TNT is directly supported by one of our channel partners, who call on our network operations team as required.

User Authentication

There are a number of options as to how users are authenticated onto the network.

Guest Token

Users can request access from the receptionist, who logs onto the Service Management Portal, enters the user’s details and the duration of access required. The user is then given token credentials which can be entered in the landing page to connect onto the network.

Self Registration

In this mode, the user requests access and is directed to an online registration form where they enter their own details. The receptionist or their host then provides them with a PIN number to authenticate access.

Trial Tokens

Trial Tokens can be set up to provide free access without the need for user details to be supplied. Connection can be restricted to a limited time period, connection speed, data usage or a combination of all three.

802.11x Framework

Users may be authenticated against a third party user database, such as Micorsoft’s Active Directory (AD) using their existing Windows credentials. For example, requests for connection by visitors at a regional office can be authenticated by AD at their main office.


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