Wi-Fi Networks for GOnet NEW ZEALAND


Fixed and Mobile Wi-Fi Networks for GOnet NEW ZEALAND

Case study


GOnet is an Internet Service Provider based in Whakatane, New Zealand. GOnet is a Joint commercial venture with the local Mauri Investment Board to bring broadband services to their community. Whakatane has a local population of around 20,000 with a steady influx of tourists during the summer. GOnet goal was to provide an affordable service for both sets of users as well as providing a mobility solution for the local Mauri Unversity and business community. The previous supplier was unsuccessful in providing a stable Wi-Fi network so Konnex Networks stepped in with a working solution.

GOnet use the MASP Core Management Platform, with their own branded hotspot service and fixed wireless subscription services to homes, schools, businesses and government organisations. MASP provides a complete technical and commercial ISP solution with a Managed Service and network operations from Konnex Networks, enabling GOnet to reduce their infrastructure and support costs and focus more on sales and marketing.


Wireless Coverage

The wireless coverage is provided using low cost, standard Wi-Fi equipment but with special firmware developed by Konnex Networks and managed through the MASP Core Platform. The solution, which runs on the 802.11n MIMO standard, supports a range of advanced features, including enterprise roaming to support mobile GoZone users as they travel.

Microwave Links

The network extends 30km down the coast using microwave links to Opotoki which then delivers local Wi-Fi services.

Hotspot Coverage

The services provides an extensive 2.4GHz network for hotspots, both around the tourist areas and as localised, branded solutions for hotels and restaurants.


GOnet are providing high bandwidth symmetric services from 2Mbps to 20Mbps for Fixed Wireless subscribers. Customers can place orders directly from the GOnet website www.gonet.net.nz where all of the products and pricing information are obtained dynamically from the MASP Product Catalogue; orders can be placed and paid for online with CPE equipment installation carried out by staff from the local utility company.

New Zealnd bay


GOnet currently uses a third party VoIP Provider to deliver their voice service. This runs successfully across the standard Wi-Fi network.


The Wi-Fi network also provides an IP CCTV camera network for the local council over secure VLAN.


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