The MASP product provides support for four main service areas which are explored in more detail within this document :-

1)     Data and Infrastructure Services for providing public or private network connectivity

2)     Voice Services for VoIP solutions, including Virtual PBX functionality

3)     IP CCTV services for security systems

4)     Cloud Services for providing managed service applications

 At the entry level, MASP provides a range of access services that support all types of wireless locations, including HotSpots, hotels, cafés, campus networks and city centres. Whether you are providing free access or pay as you go, MASP has a service option for you. We also manage subscriber connections over fixed wireless and wired broadband connections, ranging from DSL services to fibre optic links, supporting a range of services, including VoIP, Video Conferencing, IPTV and CCTV.  

 MASP provides a Core Management Platform to easily manage data and voice services over WiMAX, Wi-Fi and Metro wireless networks and can be overlaid onto existing wireless networks where they exist. The Core Management Platform provides support for operational processes and security features using a web-based Service Management Portal, providing administration access to the appropriate level of user, from a receptionist to the Enterprise Administrator as well as other Operational and Business Support Systems.

 MASP enables a variety of additional services, including VoIP and Video Conferencing to be integrated into its Core Authentication system and delivered over the wireless network. The Core Management Platform is based on a Radius AAA model and provides a number of interfaces to integrate with other applications, including online payment gateways, billing systems, management reporting and Customer Service systems.

 MASP can be fully customised for each provider and also by location. It has a powerful Content Management System to enable individual management of branding, advertising campaigns or public information to any of its managed locations.

Data and Infrastructure Services

Internet connection to provide data services requires a range of network components to enable data services to be provided across the available infrastructure.

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VoIP Services

Integrated VoIP Services

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Integrated IP CCTV device and network management system

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Wireless and Mobility Services

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Professional Services

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