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MASP Access Services

The MASP Core Management Platform from Konnex Networks provides a range of access control services for wireless networks (WLAN). The system can be implemented for a new WLAN or overlayed onto an existing WLAN to provide the services described below. MASP scales from small, indoor networks that require a small Guest Access solution up to large Urban networks requiring a portfolio of fixed and mobile services. The system is provided as a Managed Service with full technical backup and support and may be fully branded by the Service Provider.

Access Control Services

MASP from Konnex Networks provides a comprehensive management platform that provides access control for wireless networks.

Users are often provided with a landing page as shown above, although seamless authentication methods are also supported. Access to the Internet can be authenticated by :

  • Subscription Services

    Ideally for Campus or Rural Networks where wireless networks are used to provide permanent Internet access. Users are provided with a regular subscription service which is renewed at the end of each period subject to payment being received.

  • Pay As You Go

    Typically used as a Hot Spot service where users can access the Internet by providing a suitable payment option, such as credit card and PayPal. Payment is authorised through the MASP Core Management Platform and user session is enabled. A Billing Module is also provided to support this option.

  • Scratch Cards

    Pre-paid tokens can be printed as scratch cards and sold through a distribution chain.

  • Guest Access

    Where enterprises or public locations require specified visitors or guests to be provided with Internet access for the duration of their visit without the need to involve IT or network support staff. Receptionists or meeting hosts are able to provide the guest with user credentials to access the system or a PIN number that the guest can use to register themselves onto the network.

  • 802.1x

    MASP provides an 802.1x authentication framework to provide a full range of seamless authentication options. This includes the ability to authorise user credentials against an external data source, such as the enterprise’s own LDAP or Active Directory system, thereby enabling the user to be connected as if they were in their own office.

  • Third Party Services

    MASP is able to provide support for third party client software such as iPass. The solution provides support for the iPass Campus model and mobility solutions, enabling users to load their iPass client in any location.

  • Walled Garden access

    This is not an authentication option but a means to by-pass it. Site owners can specify a restricted list of websites that can be accessed at a given location without the user having to be authenticated. So for example, tourists in a city centre could be linked to public information sites for the city, or events ticketing sites, without the need to pay for access.

  • Corporate Accounts

    For some organisations, like hotels and restaurants, regular visitors for large organisations negotiate preferential rates. This facility of Corporate Accounts allows the user to log on without the need for the individual to pay at the time of use. Their user credentials can be authenticated in one of several ways and billed back to their company as a consolidated invoice with other users from their organisation.


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