Data and Infrastructure Services


Data and Infrastructure Services

The data services capability of MASP is comprehensive and supports a variety of infastructure options. The product can potentially support most networks, although no plans are currently in place for LTE. However, this provides the capability to connect users and devices onto DSL, fibre and wireless networks including Wi-Fi and WiMAX.

Where the product is particularly unique is in its ability to provide a low-cost, highly reliable network built on Wi-Fi technology at speeds of up to 150Mbps+ using 802.11n and MIMO technology. Additional developments to the Wi-Fi standard are expected to increase this capacity further within the next three years. This solution therefore provides the perfect entry-level solution for emerging economies or where limited bandwidth currently exists e.g. rural areas. The architecture enables the Service Provider to migrate their customer base to migrate to higher bandwidth solutions as and when they arrive in an area, The Service Providers in New Zealand and The Bahamas are resellers of telecomm and cable infrastructure.

In addition, Wi-Fi has a number of other market options, even where fibre and cable infrastructure exists. Urban Wi-Fi is very much in demand for mobile users, such as businesses and tourists and Wi-Fi growth continues, as shown in the North American market, details of which are provided later in this section. There are also a number of specialist devices which utilise wireless connections as a more cost effective solution. Wireless IP CCTV is currently the biggest market area for this but other applications, such as telemetry, such as for utility meter readings or air quality sensors are also growing markets. 


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