VoIP Services


VoIP Services

The Systems Architecture can support a single, central gateway to provide VoIP calls and benefit from lower call charges to PSTN networks around the world using SIP Trunk Providers or to connect On-Net VoIP users for free. However, MASP from Konnex Networks supports a distributed model to provide a number of additional benefits.

The distributed nodes enable :

  • Free Connection

    All local users to be connected for free e.g. where the Service Provider provides a network in a local region, all calls between their users can be provided at no cost.

  • Grow your Profit

    As the user base increases, calls to those accounts can be delivered by the Service Provider for free whilst charging SIP Trunk Providers for the service, thereby increasing the profitability of the service

  • Value Added Solutions Provider

    Ability to become a Value Added Solutions Provider (VASP). The local platform can be integrated into other applications such as Uniified Messaging, SMS or Call Centres. In particular, the SIP platform can support video calls or interface to a full Video Conferencing solution

  • Managed PBX services

    A range of Managed PBX services can be provided e.g. Voice Mail, Hunt Groups, Call Divert. These services can be set up without the need for additional hardware at the customer’s premises.

  • Direct Dial

    Direct Dial In (referred to as DDI or DID) numbers to be provided with local area codes e.g. a VoIP user in New Zealand can be provided with a local New Zealand dialling code so that PSTN users can call that number and be connected to the user’s VoIP account.

  • Service Provider becomes a telco

    The Service Provider becomes a telco in the regions that they operate and can provide SIP-based connections to other SIP Trunk providers delivering calls to that region. This can be a revenue-generating model for providing the service, especially in remote locations.


Konnex Networks has its own VoIP platform which can provide voice calls over the Internet and cost effective international calling to landline and mobile phone users. Several nodes have already been deployed and are distributed and interconnected with local connections already in the UK,  the Caribbean and New Zealand, with plans imminently extend the service into North America and Asia.. Services provided from each node include mobile VoIP to compete with mobile phone rates as well as Fixed Wireless VoIP services to compete with existing landlines.

The service also provides a Managed Virtual PBX facility for businesses providing a range of telephony services such as hunt groups, call waiting, voice mail etc. without the need to purchase PBX hardware. This solution is to be extended to a full, hosted Unified Communications solution with six core services - telephony, email, instant messaging, wireless integration, video conferencing, and collaboration - in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) package targeted to small and midsize enterprises.

Each VoIP server is connected to the local telecoms provider to deliver local as well as international calls, with local users being provided with a their own local Direct Dial In (DDI) number to enable PSTN phone users to dial their VoIP service. Least Cost Routing algorithms on the VoIP Servers enable us to have connections to multiple providers and each node will be recognised as the least cost delivery method for the location that it is in.


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