Wireless and Mobility Services


Wireless and Mobility Services

Wi-Fi services are growing even in markets that are already served by fibre and cable. The demand for mobile access continues to increase the demand for wider Wi-Fi coverage as well as for specialist wireless services such as telemetry

Wireless broadband services are being used in all areas around the world, including North America and Western Europe, to extend broadband coverage to areas that cannot be cost effectively served in other ways. Konnex Networks aims to be a significant service provider in this market, either directly or through channel partners using the ISP in a Box solution.

Although wireless networks have limited capacity and will therefore be outstripped as a solution for broadband connectivity, wireless networking has a place in just about any industry imaginable. The capabilities are continuously expanding and a range of devices are being enabled to work across wireless networks

Mobility technologies help your customers better manage business operations and improve productivity, while helping them to create a superior experience for consumers. Wireless and mobility solutions - including wireless networks, radio frequency identification (RFID) and intelligent hand-held devices - simplify information capture and inventory management from loading dock to cash register and provide better accounting of stock levels to reduce shrinkage and minimise loss.

Real-time and accurate inventory information improves consumer satisfaction and loyalty to help organisations gain more repeat business. Additionally, by incorporating self-service solutions into the retail environment, consumers gain on-demand access to product information while they shop. These self-serve solutions also enable organisations to do targetted selling to provide shoppers with more options - including the ability to check inventory, as well as sale and promotional items. Also, mobility solutions enable retail store managers, clerks and supervisors to do their jobs on the sales floor instead of a back office, boosting both productivity and overall employee satisfaction.


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