The CCTV solution is for a service to provide a range of security products and services based primarily (but not exclusively) on a wireless network.


The solution assumes a minimum of :

Connection to the cameras is via a wireless CPE device that is connected to the camera. Whilst some cameras do include in-built Wi-Fi, the performance and features of these devices is limited so we tend to provide a separate device. The video standard used in H.264 which provide high quality images at the optimal compression rate, meaning that the bandwidth requirement over the network does not saturate the capacity available.

Pictures are relayed over a secure VLAN across the network back to the surveillance centre or other monitoring centre. Pictures are displayed on one or more monitors that can be programmed to alert staff when intervention is required. Displays can show multiple cameras of focus in on one camera, as shown below.

 The above picture is captured from Nassau, Bahamas over a wireless network, relayed over the Internet and captured and recorded in London. The format standard is H.264.

The network is managed by the MASP Core Management Platform from Konnex Networks. The platform is reasonable for provisioning the devices and authenticating the devices onto the network. The connection is encrypted to ensure that the CCTV feed cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

The provisioning system enables cameras and wireless CPE devices to be set up on the system so that when they are deployed at their specified location, they will work automatically without the need for further configuration. Also, the Core Management Platform included a Network Management System (NMS) to monitor the status of the network at all times. This is provided as part of a managed service.


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