Fixed Wireless


Fixed Wireless

In places where DSL and cable modems are not available, Konnex Netorks provides a full wireless ISP service. A wireless ISP (known as a WISP) sets an antenna on a tower and broadcasts an Internet signal to everyone within sight - sometimes as far as 35 miles. Subscribers rig an antenna on their roof pointed at the WISP antenna, plug in a special 'modem' and end up with a fast reliable internet connection.

 Konnex Networks can provide subscriber Fixed Wireless Services with a number of technologies, including Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) and WiMAX (802.16d). Higher bandwidth users can also use additional services provided by microwave, milliwave and infrafed.

 We install wireless equipment and antennas on suitable locations, such as towers, building, lampposts and silos to provide a vantage point to broadcast the wireless signal. Point to Point links are also established between the towers to connect all locations to provide a wireless mesh, within which coverage is provided. Equipment is then usually installed on the buildings within the coverage area which delivers a network connection within the building.



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