Managed Services


Managed Services

For providers that need a cost-effective wireless service management and delivery solution that can meet rapid time to market and time to revenue objectives you need to look at Konnex Networks’ managed services offering. MASP’s Managed Service  includes the same comprehensive, robust Service Management Platform to support your needs for a rapidly scalable commercial grade wireless solution without the technical and operational maintenance headaches. And it still provides all statistics and reports on the usage of provided services needed.

The MASP Managed Service solution includes operation of the Core Management Platform, the Service Management Portal , the Customer Portal, centralized servers, application maintenance, alarm handling, statistics reporting and second and third line support.

The MASP Managed Service provides support for the full service, including the access controllers for the Edge Network.


Why choose MASP as a Managed Service Option ?

  • Flexibility to meet your requirements

    MASP is a modular system with options to take up individual modules or components to meet your need without having to purchase the full application

  • Minimise upfront Capital Expenditures (CAPEX)

    and Operational Expenditures (OPEX) with an affordable annual subscription fee for more efficient management of wireless operating expenses.

  • Be up and running in a matter of days

    generating revenue without a large upfront investment.

  • Shared Growth Objectives

    as the MASP service is priced to attract user volumes.

  • Focus on your core business

    and avoid technical and operational issues. The Konnex Networks’ Managed Service is an ideal option that minimises the requirement for investment in support expertise for the backend network.

  • Ongoing benefits to your service

    as new features are added to the service.

  • Get a wireless service management solution tailored to your needs

    with full control over branding, pricing, payment methods as well as the end-user service experience. The Konnex Networks' Managed Service option is flexible and adaptable to fit many kinds of locations and customers.

  • Get easy, cost-effective "grow as you go" network support

    for rapid service and network expansion of your wireless service management solution.

  • Second and Third Line support efficiently resolves technical, connectivity, payment and account problems

    for users of the service. Konnex Networks’ systems and network expertise backs up your customer-facing support operation.

  • The Konnex Networks' Managed Service provides a full Network Management and Reporting system

    These can be interfaced with the management system used by the operational staff of the enterprise using MASP as required.


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