Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who are Konnex Networks?

Konnex Networks is a  Private Limited Company registered in the UK and based in London. Our Network Operations Centre is in London Docklands and controls our network installations around the world. We now also develop and manage services in The Cloud. 

2) What type of networks do you provide ?

We can provide most types of network, including fibre and DSL. However, we are specilasts in Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

3) What is MASP ?

MASP is a web-based administration system providing a full management platform supporting wired and wireless networks. For wireless use, it provides a full provisioning model, whereby wireless receivers can be enabled and deployed to receive services by non-technical staff.The system is a fully-functional end-to-end solution for Service Providers with a white-labelled solution from online sales catalogues to billing and payment systems.

4) How does MASP authenticate users ?

MASP supports a number of models for authenticating users using a secure Radius system at its core. We can authenticate users at Hotpspots on whether theirpayment is accepted or whether they provide a valid token. We authenticate regular users from a subscription database and we support a full 802.1x model whereby we link to third party systems such as Active Directory.

5) MASP for Enterprise Use

MASP provides organisations with a centralised administration system to authenticate staff as they move between locations. For example, when a staff member moves to another office, MASP can authenticate user access onto the staff network using the organisation’s own authentication database

6) I can't connect to the service with the credentials that I've been sent

if you have copied and pasted the password from the email, make sure that you have not inadvertently copied a space at the end

Try typing in the password. If you still can't connect, please send us an email. We will refund any token that couild not be used.


Do you have any questions?

You can contact us by using the contact information below or by sending us a message via our contact form.

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