Launch UK FAX Carrier Platform


Launch of T.38 FAX Carrier platform in AWS

Konnex Networks has launched a comprehensive FAX transmission platform built upon AWS using the T.38 FAX Transmission standard. It provides APIs to enable FAX applications to Send and Receive faxes globally and uses the AWS architecture to provide high availabily and resilience. 

Historically, Konnex has provided FAX services from its London-based Data Centre using E.1 circuits but we have successfully replaced this with a virtualised solution in AWS delivering Faxes over SIP using the recognised T.38 standard. The E.1 circuits were successfully replaced and turned off last month and the performance has improved both in terms of throughput and delivery success rates. We are therefore able to port existing FAX numbers for inbound traffic and with a choice of telecomms carriers, we are able to deliver faxes to over 150 countries around the world at signicant less cost than traditional telecomms providers.

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